Ripple's XRP forecast: indicators point to continued decline

Ripple's XRP forecast: indicators point to continued decline XRP / USD technical analysisThe XRP/USD pair is quoted at $0.259. the Rate remains in a local downtrend, and fell to the local support level of $0.245, indicator signals indicate a continuation of the decline:- The rate is lower moving average with a period of 50, it is directed down, volumes are falling.- The daily level of the MACD in the sell zone, goes in a sideways trend in a dense to the signal line, the MACD histogram is above the zero level, but decreases every day, which indicates a further fall.- RSI (relative strength index) on the daily chart the timeframe is below the 50 level.The rate has so far stopped falling at the local support level of $0.245, but a further drop, as indicated by indicators, may lead the rate to the level of $0.22.If there are signs of a downtrend reversal (which is not yet available), then it is necessary to gain a foothold above the level for growth. $0,28.In the long run, the exchange rate remains in a downtrend. The weekly chart of XRP / USD is in a downtrend, there are no signs of a growth trend reversal, which means that the decline may continue in the coming weeks.Currently, the exchange rate continues to fall against the background background of a General decline in the cryptocurrency market. Upcoming trial the trial the trial, which now has a decisive impact on the price of the token, leads to the fact that the price does not react well to the movement of the rest of the market.On the other hand, the expectation of a successful outcome seems to prevent the price from falling even lower.Key support levels: $0,22, $0,18, $0,145.Key resistance levels: $0,28, $0,30, $0,345.The news background on Ripple remains ambiguous, but in the event of a settlement of the conflict with the SEC, the asset will grow.. Everything written is the personal opinion of the site developers and does not encourage readers to do anything. Be aware of the risks when investing in cryptocurrency.