Investors ' interest in bitcoin is falling: CryptoQuant report

Investors ' interest in bitcoin is falling: CryptoQuant report According to a recent report from cryptoquant, the interest in bitcoin is falling and traders are turning their attention to altcoins.In the crypto world, the word "altcoin" is often used in a pejorative sense. Therefore, when it comes to analyzing the market for alternative assets, it is important to consider the number of subscribers to Lisk, the number of BTC and ETH positions of large traders, and the market capitalization of each coin.The number of subscribers to Lisk, the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, is declining rapidly. The researchers explained this trend in two charts.The average number of Lisk subscribers has increased significantly since September 2019. At that time, the Lisk token was worth less than $ 1.2.Since the Lisk token is used as a means to pay for access to premium tokens, a large number of subscribers means that more and more investors are becoming comfortable with cryptocurrency. premium tokens. On the other hand, the market capitalization of each coin is steadily increasing.This shows that investors are mainly acquiring cryptocurrency to make money on Lisk, and, according to a Bloomberg report, exchanges are also starting to add layers of security to their crypto assets.So thus, it is important to track the growth of these indicators, since they are indicative of overall market interest.As bitcoin surged to $ 11,900, these data show that Lisk's premium trading volume has reached a new level. the level of $ 600 million. On September 14, the premium for a month ended September 2019 was $ 11,700 - $ 11,900. On September 21, the volume reached an all-time high of $ 13 billion.CryptoQuant notes that over the past 24 hours, the futures premium has reached an annualized rate of 6.3%, and this indicator is the highest in almost a year. cryptocurrency. This situation, according to the researchers, indicates a General increase in the number of participants in the cryptocurrency market.This trend can be confirmed by monitoring the futures financing rate, which, as the exchange notes, it is "much higher" than it was in the past. a trend.Volatility is the key factorInvestors are attracted to stablecoins with a predictable price cycle, liquidity, and high trading volume. The researchers of the analytical resource CoinMetrics note that the recent BTC rally has seen the largest influx of BTC cash on exchanges.The rapid influx of BTC cash on exchanges has triggered speculation that the reason for this increase in coin purchases is more likely. volatility. CoinMetrics data shows the following trends: in the last seven days, the number of exchanges added 42 new exchanges, totaling 64 new active addresses.The rapidity with which coins are being traded increases the more liquid the market is. For example, when bitcoin hit $ 12,700 last month,